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& Elite team&
Number of excellent sea and young people, energetic, enterprising, innovation and unlimited.
Good employees are our greatest asset, because of their outstanding performance, which makes the number of sea tide in the market often wins, and continues to maintain that lead. Under the leadership of the team leader, the number of people always thinking of the sea and combat uniform, the number of brands committed to creating excellent sea and brilliant. Technical support is the soul. The sea in pursuit of excellent quality number of people, the Gold responsibility, focus on CNC lathes technical support and service support. Since its establishment, it is relying on the CNC lathe vowed to the pursuit of quality and service, and laid a number of sea product leadership.
      If you are interested in joining our team, please enter the "Job" column, according to the recruitment of job positions submit your information to my company's talent pool, by the personnel in charge of my company's corporate leaders will contact you.


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