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HEUI test bench
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HEUI Test bench


The device is fully simulated electronically controlled hydraulic drive Diesel HEUI injection system works. The dipstick test bench counts, oil temperature, oil temperature, fuel injector injection timing, injection pulse frequency used in all figures, hydraulic oil pressure using vibration table shows, show a clear, reliable and stable, high control accuracy. Modulated drive signal, the repair process safer.

The test bench is to test HEUI Electronic Unit Injector assembly performance special equipment, it can test most manufacturers of Hydraulic Unit Injector is an ideal device detects HEUI electronically controlled unit injectors.


2.1 Real-time control of industrial computer, Windows operating system.

2.2 The fuel is measured by the sensor, the LCD display by.

2.3 The injector pulse width and frequency of the drive signal is adjustable;

Percent (four) of the drive signal is adjustable.

2.4 Short circuit protection.

2.5 Can set the injector fuel injection timing or injection times.

2.6 Can be found, the stored data.


3.1 Detecting Carter C7, C9, and other HEUI electronically controlled hydraulic unit injector;

3.2 Measuring the hydraulic power unit injector control speed HEUI fuel;

3.3 Measuring the hydraulic power unit injector control of the speed HEUI fuel;

3.4 Measuring the hydraulic power unit injector start of HEUI fuel;

3.5 Detecting the hydraulic power unit injector of HEUI seal.

4.The technical parameters

4.1 Injector test frequency :50-2000rpm

4.2 Pulse width; 0.1-200ms;

4.3 Measuring the injection time :1-100s;

4.4 Oil pressure :0-25Mpa;

4.5 The fuel pressure :0-0 .3 Mpa;

4.6 Input power: AC 380v/50hz;

4.7 Fuel temperature: 40 ;

4.8 Oil temperature: 30 ;

4.9 Test bench dimensions: 1120 × 800 × 1560

4.10 Test bench weight: 400KG

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