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PT fuel pump fuel use process method
From: Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime: 2016-03-24 13:55:55 Hits:
Make diesel generating sets more save oil, the method of reducing agricultural diesel engine water temperature is generally lower than the water temperature 45 ℃, the diesel can not complete combustion, oil viscosity, increased the running resistance, and therefore more fuel, so need to improve diesel engine cooling water temperature.
Protect the best oil supply Angle to the most commonly used type 195 diesel engine as an example, the best Angle of fuel delivery advance Angle for 16 to 20 degrees.When the diesel engine to use after a period of time, as a result of wear and tear, fuel delivery advance Angle decreases, causing fuel delivery time is too late, to a huge increase in fuel consumption.Reason should ensure best Angle of oil supply Angle.
Guarantee the machine not leak diesel oil pipeline is often due to the joint surface uneven, gasket deformation or damage to the loophole.Processing method is: put the gasket with the valve paint on the glass plate smooth, adjustable hose connector;Add diesel oil recycling equipment, available plastic pipe will choke on the back of tubing and hollow screw connection, make the oil back into the tank.
Oil purification by former fault more than half of diesel engine from the fuel supply system.Processing method is: buy back of diesel for precipitation 2-4 days to use, can precipitate 98% impurities;Such as buy now with now, two layers of silk can be put in the tank of oil filter or toilet paper.
Change the "big horse-drawn car" practice "big machines with small pump" frequently used shaft.In fact, a kind of waste.Improvement measures: appropriate increase diesel engine pulley, under the condition of the diesel engine running speed down the speed of the pump, increase the capacity and head, achieve energy saving purpose.
Adjust the injection pressure of 195 type diesel engine injector fuel injector injection pressure of 120 + 5 kg/cm2.When the injection pressure is less than 100 kg/cm2, fuel consumption increase 10-20 g/KWH, can be directly use comparison method to check and adjust the pressure on the fuel injection pump.
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