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Fuel injection pump daily maintenance
From: Taian Haishu Machinery Co.,Ltd. Updatetime: 2016-03-24 13:49:53 Hits:
(1) the fuel injection pump is the "heart" of diesel engine, so the maintenance of fuel injection pump must be correct.
(2) to the diesel engine installed on the fuel injection pump, must check the fuel supply advance Angle;Diesel engine after 500 h operation to check the fuel delivery advance Angle adjustment.
(3) must use the national standard of light diesel oil, diesel oil to 48 ~ 96 h after precipitation filtration.
(4) at ordinary times should pay attention to the diesel filter diesel tank and clean.
(5) daily check inside the governor oil, when a foot in a timely manner.
(6) between the fuel injection pump and governor of skeleton oil seal, to inject oil respectively.
(7) if the oil surface due to higher oil dilution, indicating fuel injection pump and oil transfer pump, severe leakage, should be ruled out in time.
(8) diesel engine after 100 h operation to replace the oil, the oil transfer pump filter and cleaning.
(9) fuel injection pump shall not be arbitrarily remove, adjust, especially the parts with seal logo, it need to remove, maintenance to clean places before.
Fuel injection pump (10) for every 2000 h after work, to remove the check comprehensively, replace or repair worn seriously and has damaged the parts, and carries on the debugging.
Diesel engine when not in use for a long time, should try to let the fuel injection pump oil duct should be full of diesel.If fuel injection pump is to be removed, after the oil passage and rust-proof oil, should be kept in a dry place, not put them with the battery, acid, alkali and custody;Fuel injection pump to reassemble when using, should remove the anti-rust oil before use.
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