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CRI-200L high-pressure common rail injector test bench
First, the use of
1, the automatic detection of full load, idle speed, operating conditions such as pre-injection common-rail injector fuel injection quantity and the back;
2, check the common rail injector opening pressure;
3, check the tightness of common rail injector;
4, check the common rail injector spray quality;
5, high-pressure common rail injector flush.
Second, the characteristics
1, built-in common-rail injector standard database;
2, the rail pressure automatic closed-loop control;
3, and injection of oil back to the use of high-precision flow sensor;
4, the host variable frequency drive, BOSCH common-rail fuel supply pump;
5, can detect a variety of brands of common rail injector, such as Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens, etc.;
6, the industrial computer motherboards, embedded windowsXP operating system;
7, an optional touch screen or mouse; pulse power 12V/24V automatic conversion;
8, user-friendly interface, more convenient operation.
Third, the technical parameters
1, the oil pressure: 0 ~ 200MPa any setting;
2, the pressure display accuracy: ± 0.1 MPa;
3, the amount of oil range: 0 ~ 150mm;
4, the host power: 7.5KW
5, the host power supply: 380V/50HZ.

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