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CRS-1 Common Rail Injection System Test Bench
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CRS-1 Common Rail Injection System test bench
CRS-1 is the latest new developed test bench by Taian Haishu Machinery Co., LTD of China,
which is specialized in testing the common rail system.
It can test the common rail systems such as :
Main Characters and Functions
1. Adopting the industry computer. The Highs-speed
acquisition and control board,and the 17 inch or 19
inch LCD.
2. Adopting the imported famous transduter,
which has the accurate controlment and low noise.
3. The sensor collects the oil distribution and the
 oil return and all the data is displayed in the screen.
4. The system can automatically testing and judging
errors according to the presetting programmes.
5. Can be connected to the net and up data the data
base with the function of soft upgrading and expansion.
6. The CR pump load and rail pressure are adjusted
by setting the duty cycle of the pump driving signal.
7. Rail pressure IS monitored on the LCD screen.
8. Checking of the Common Rail pump’s pressure regulator
valve performance.
9. Checking of the rail pressure sensor performance.
10. Checking of the safety pressure regulator valve
11. Checking the oil distribution of the Common Rail
12. Checking the oil return of the Common Rail Injector.
13. Checking the uniformity of the Common Rail Injector.
14. Short circuit protection for the output circuitry
of solenoid driving signal.
15. Has the over load protection function,when the rail
pressure reached 1600bar, it will stop automatically.
16. Checking the output oil efficiency of the common
rail pump.
1,It can test common rail pump or injector of BOSCH SIEMENS
2,Windows system,industrial computer

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